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IML was established in 2007. During that period e-commerce market has just started developing in Russia and the company became one of the first providing logistics services to the online stores.

How to check receipt IML?

Actually it is not difficult to check receipt IML. Because you only need to type your receipt number IML into the box above, then click the check button.

Next, the results of the receipt check IML will display in detail, where and where your package is intended for. This information will be presented in Real-Time Update. This includes the transit status of goods, location, condition, delivery history, tcn, references and printed versions for Proof of Delivery of packages.

How do I see the process of sending parcels from IML?

If you want to see the delivery process from IML, please check your IML receipt by entering your tracking code.

Your tracking code is a number between 10 and 40 digits provided by the courier IML. Continue by clicking Track to follow the information on the progress of your shipment.

How does receipt IML work?

The receipt itself is a unique ID number or code assigned to your package when it is sent to you by mail or you send the package yourself. The tracking code itself is indicated on the shipping label by IML.

Usually this tracking code is also used as a barcode number that can be read by the courier IML with a barcode reader. The receipt actually functions as a reference for the packet itself, i.e. to find the packet at various points the packet IML transited when it was sent.

It also includes providing easy information for the customer's final recipient regarding the estimated delivery time, where and also the current condition of the related package.

How to get receipt IML?

Well, right when you receive or send a package, you will automatically get an item tracking code. This tracking code is what you can use to check receipts IML.

You can find receipts IML in several different items. These include delivery receipts and re-submission forms. It can also be an online e-label note if you buy insurance online, a sales receipt or your insurance receipt.

Is it possible to track parcels without receipt IML?

If at any time you do not have a receipt to check receipt IML, please track your shipment online. With the main tracking page using the reference number assigned by your shipping courier, so next IML you will find your parcel with the track button.

Actually you can also use IML Track & Trace to track packages without a tracking code. IML Track & Trace is a value-added shipping history service.

In this case it can also provide a new level of knowledge in the level of delivery, time, schedule, location and also solutions to qualified customers.

Usually What time does courier IML deliver to my area?

Regarding the time, IML sends parcels to your area is between Monday to Friday, to be exact from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. It's actually also possible to do it on Saturdays, with the option of special handling Saturday Delivery.

Where IML Standard Overnight delivery the next working day starting at 3:00 pm. With a note to most addresses, it will be delivered by 4:30 pm to rural areas and by 8 pm to residences.

IML next day air or priority Overnight will deliver next working day at 10:30 am to most addresses, at noon, 4:30 pm or 5 pm in remote areas. So, to see more clearly about the progress of your package, please check the receipt IML above.

Where is the receipt number on the IML receipt?

You can see your receipt number IML on your shipping receipt IML, note IML online label (if you bought an insurance package online), sales receipt IML, if you purchased an insurance package at the Post Office.

How to use receipt IML?

Please visit the courier website IML or a third party like this. You can check receipts online, by scanning the contents of the mail folder IML until you see a long code containing numbers.

Well, generally the receipt number is between 10 and 40 digits close to the barcode and each one is written uniquely. Please follow the instructions for your receipt, find it for the Track or Find menu, then enter your receipt and end it by clicking track.

What does my IML status mean in transit?

If there is a status or notification that your package is in transit, it means that Courier Service IML picks up the package to the nearest location. Don't worry, your package is already in the process of being delivered to the shipping address.

The package status will remain in transit, until the Courier IML sends it to you. If you want to know more about the status of your package, please use the package tracker IML to track the complete location and condition of your package.

Why yes, my package from IML hasn't arrived yet?

Just like the process before the rain fell to the earth, the packages sent also go through a very long process. Where Courier Service IML involves the sorting process, package localization, transportation, service, container and of course delivery time.

Plus the uncontrollable circumstances that occurred during the trip. It could be hampered by weather, local regulations, and other factors that hinder your package. So don't worry, please always track your IML package, so you can be sure of the status of the package.

Why is the package status sent from IML, even though I haven't received it yet?

If the package has been sent status, it means that the goods sent by IML have arrived at the recipient. It is very possible that your package will take or claim to be you.

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